Industrial and Logistic Park


Honduras Pacific Industrial Park is strategically located in the Choluteca department on Honduras southern territory, the ideal location to serve all key markets, with emphasis on the economic centers around the Pacific Rim.


Honduras Pacific Industrial Park comprises a complete infrastructure for manufacturing, sheltering, outsourcing, warehousing and logistics management activities. Our customers have no need to look outside our premises for the completion of their businesses:


With the current financial crisis Honduras Pacific Industrial Park unique location and set up provides its customers with the competitive advantage of attaining lower manufacturing costs via tax advantages provided under the Free Zone agreement in addition to the lowest cost labor, cost per square meter, and utilities in Honduras and Central America.


We are part of Williams Group, a renowned construction group established in Honduras that builds and manages a variety of projects. Williams Group is recognized for its high professional and ethic standards in addition to excellent customer service.

As such, we share Williams Group values

To contribute to the development of Honduras by adding value through excellence in design and construction to each and every one of our projects.


To develop long term relationships with our clients and communities for the benefit of all parties.


To invest in human resources to benefit our clients and local communities.


To minimize environmental impact through careful planning and execution.


Honduras Pacific Industrial Park is an industrial park constituted under a free zone agreement and with a unique location; Characteristics that give its clients a competitive advantage regarding energy, rent and labor costs.


To be the first destination for manufacturing and logistics operations in Honduras for the American and Pacific Rim markets in the next decade.


Honduras Pacific Industrial Park is an industrial park that provides and generates highly competitive services to satisfy the needs of manufacturing and logistics operations, based in a custom made design for every customer and adhering to social responsibility principles, and respect for the environment.


We are known for our high standards on ethics, quality and responsibility in business practices with both our customers and suppliers, creating wealth for our shareholders, customers, suppliers, employees and the community.

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