Industrial and Logistic Park


During just the past few years more than 300 companies have established operations in Honduras.


Those companies come to Honduras attracted by its strategic location with coasts both in the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean, and several trade agreements that facilitate reaching target markets.


An established pro-investment democratic government, modern infrastructure and dynamic work force are other factors that have attracted investors to Honduras.


These features, along with the lowest operating costs in Central America and tax advantages provided by the Free Zone laws make Honduras the first choice for establishing manufacturing, outsourcing and sheltering operations in Central America.


Established sectors where Honduras has demonstrated its capabilities and competence include maquila manufacturing and light assembly in sectors such as Textile and Apparel, Agro industry, Automotive Components, Electronics and Furniture production.


Along this innovative set up, the costs in labor, square meter, and utilities among the lowest in Central America, the free zone laws and its location by the Pan-American Highway and the Inter-Oceanic Corridor make Honduras Pacific Indutrial Park the ideal place to set up your manufacturing, sheltering, outsourcing, and warehousing and logistic management operations.

Honduras is located in Central America, with coasts both in the Atlantic Ocean (The Caribbean Sea), and the Pacific Ocean (The Gulf of Fonseca)

Quick access to the “Dry Channel”  the most important 4 lane highway in Central America  connecting both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans in a 6 hour route.

Located in the heart of Central America, Honduras is strategically positioned to serve as a distribution platform for Central America and the Caribbean region, Europe, North and South America.

The most competitive labor cost, energy cost (Kwhr), renting cost and logistic cost in the Central American region.

Easy commuting to and from the manufacturing centers and markets in the US and the rest fo the world:


-Daily 2 hour flights to the US


-Several connection flights to Central America, South America, Mexico, and others.


-48 to 72 hours by sea to the US.

Distance from Choluteca to nearby Cities and main Ports:


Honduras offers many advantages as a host for industrial parks and foreing investment for several infraestructure advantages:

Ongoing rapid expansion and improvement of the country’s physical and communications infrastructure.

Improved telecommunications and energy services due to privatizations and the full opening of both sectors.

Modern seaports in Honduras’ two coasts — five ports on the Caribbean (Puerto Cortés, Tela, La Ceiba, Puerto Castillo and Roatán) and one on the Pacific (Amapala). Puerto Cortes being the only deep water port in Central America.

20 years of succesful operations in Private Industrial Parks where more than 200 companies, run light assembly operations.

Tax exempt Free Zones are established around the country.

Ongoing construction of the Inter-Oceanic Corridor, an excellent highway that will improve the connection between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

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