The first industrial park in the Honduras south region, Honduras Pacific Free Zone is a 250 acre land for industrial plants for the manufacturing of textiles, garments, energy efficiency electronics, and wire harnesses among others under a free zone regime. It started operations in 2007 with MANUFACTURERA DEL PACIFICO, a part of Grupo Lovable as its first customer. Since then other renowned maquila manufacturers have taken advantage of the wide range of benefits that Honduras Pacific Free Zone Industrial Park has to offer.

Honduras Pacific Free Zone Industrial Park is strategically located at Choluteca, Honduras. It is well communicated with the rest of Honduras and Central America through several paved highways and secondary roads. It is situated both by the Pan-American Highway and the Inter-Oceanic Corridor that will connect the Pacific ports of La Unión (El Salvador), Henecán (Honduras) and Corinto (Nicaragua) with the Caribbean ports of Puerto Cortés (Honduras) and Puerto Barrios (Guatemala). This location is ideal for our customers to manage their raw materials and finished products transport both to and from the Pacific Rim or the Atlantic Ocean ports.

Our customers need not to look outside Honduras Pacific Free Zone for the completion of their businesses since within our premises, there is a complete infrastructure for manufacturing, sheltering, outsourcing, warehousing and logistic management activities.

Honduras Pacific Free Zone Industrial Park customers enjoy all the advantages provided by the Free Zone Agreement where 100 percent foreign ownership is allowed, no tax on imports of operational equipment and supplies, no income nor sales taxes and unlimited repatriation of profits and capital among others.


Industrial and Logistic Park



With the current financial crisis Honduras Pacific Industrial and Logistic Park unique location and set up provides its customers with the competitive advantage of attaining lower manufacturing goals with Highly-trainable low-cost labor.

On January 18, 2007 a minimum salary agreement was approved by the Comisión Nacional Del Salario Mínimo. The agreement states that for the next 10 years the minimum wage in prospective areas of investment and employment (Choluteca, Olancho, El Paraiso, Santa Barbara y Valle) would be 30% less than in the rest of the country.

The difference represents, to Honduras Pacific Free Zone clients, labor cost savings of $ 0.17/ hour, $ 1.33/day and $ 39.79/month per employee.

Lower rent price per square meter

At $3 per square meter/month the rent price is lower than in other locations throughout Honduras and Central America. A 4600 square meter rental area represents savings of an average of $3,000 per month.

Lower utilities cost

At $0.095/Kw price per kilowatt is among the lowest in Central America representing savings of an average of $10,000 per month for a 4600 square meter rental area.

Tax advantages in accordance to the Free Zone Law:

Free Zones are exempt from all customs charges on import or export of materials, equipment, office supplies and others required for the factory.

They pay no taxes on profits or sales or municipal taxes.

They are entitled to 100% repatriation of capital and profits.

Minimal paperwork on inbound or outbound shipment

Lower training costs

For our new customers starting operations, Honduras Pacific Free Zone , through INFOP (Government Training Authority), will provide training on specific areas for the manufacturing industry at no cost.

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